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Notre Dame Day Care Center / Creche

A New Venture
Sophia Opportunity School Infant Stimulation Center was not in use for many years. After prayerful discernment, the Provincial Council decided that the Center could be used as a Creche and Day Care Center for babies. Sisters Mary Prabha and Madhuja had done much study about it, and with the help of God, Sister Mary Sandhya, our Provincial, and our local community, the new venture officially began on June 10th. It is named Notre Dame Day Care Center / Creche. Sisters Mary Sandhya, Kripa, Sujata, Jaya, and Subala prayed and blessed the center on June 7th, an auspicious day indeed as the Church celebrated the feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, and our Superior General, Sister Mary Kristin, celebrated her patronal feast. We thank our good God for this intervention in our lives to help us utilize our building creatively.

Notre Dame Day Care Center / Creche, Bangalore.

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