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The Visitation Province Bangalore is the newest province of Sisters of Notre Dame world wide. our saintly pioneers from Chardon, Ohio, USA and our India Sisters both passionate missionaries, have been presenting to the society the best of education, holistic health care, spiritual assistance and family support since 1949. The ripple effect of Notre Dame education and other apostolic activities reached far and wide in country. Soon Notre Dame India Mission was ready to sent out missionaries to East Africa in 1992. The growing membership and affiliations and the increasing geographical distances necessitated in the formation of a new province for effective administration and expansion. ‘The provincial and Bangalore, Karnataka became its provincial administrative center.

The Coesfeld Foundation to which the Sisters of Notre Dame , India belongs is the third off-shoot of the congregation begun in Belgium, the second being The Sisters of Notre Dame Amersfoort, Holland. When the founding members, Hilligonda Wolbring and Elizabeth Kuling, with their characterizing joy and enthusiasm gathered around them the orphaned and abandoned children, a new branch of Sisters of Notre Dame was instituted in Germany.