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Look at the women who made a difference in the History of the Israelites, in the Church.

Ruth – willing to leave her own people to adapt graciously to a foreign family.

Esther – risking her life interceding for her people.

Judith – steadfast and creative in overcoming oppression.

Mary – trusting Jesus to do what needed to be done even when he did not see the need.

Veronica – slipping out from the crowd to wipe the face of suffering, in spite of murmurs.

Julie – an invalid for 30 years, at the age of 53 founding a Congregation – Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.

Hilligonde Wolbring – model of collaborative leadership and heroic generosity founding Cosefeld Sisters of Notre Dame at the age of 21.

Theresa of Culcutta – embracing lady poverty, shared Christ’s compassionate love with the abandoned and destitute.

Alphonsa of Kerala – sanctifying suffering for the sake of the Master

And many ordinary holy sisters – persevering, living and dying as Gospel women; daily heroes going the extra mile, bearers of compassion, available for mission on near and distant shores.

Do these spiritually dynamic women challenge you to make of your lives something beautiful for God?

Stop a moment …pray…reflect…listen to your inner voice…discern…allow yourself to be drawn by Him…make the right decision to come into a chosen group!

“You did not choose me, I chose you and appointed you to go and bear much fruit, the kind of fruit that endures; and the Father will give you whatever you ask of Him in my name.” Jn.15:16

The Lord of all hearts is working in the hearts and lives of His people, doing something great. AcceApt Him as your Master. Believe in His words, He will make you great and prosperous in life and allow you to bear fruit in abundance. Why not consider the Sisters of Notre Dame – Visitation Province, Bangalore and make a difference in your life.

The Sisters of Notre Dame are here to help you to participate in His mission, experience the goodness of God and His provident care and to embrace in His compassionate love, those in need especially through education of children and women, health care, addressing social concerns, pastoral care, upholding and teaching the mentally challenged children and leading people to experience the forgiving love of the Father. Many have recognized this divine call and followed in His footsteps and brought God’s unconditional love to many and made them God conscious people.

Have you taken time to listen to you? What happens to you when you see imbalance and injustice in the society? Do you get disturbed by the misery and deprivation around you? Would you want to do something to such as these? Ever become aware of the treasure within you? Should you share your light to dispel the darkness of ignorance, oppression, disappointments and loneliness? Would you choose to take the road less traveled?

You may think that you are not holy enough to become part of the chosen group. See, God did not call all perfect and holy people. He went ahead choosing all and sundry and made them holy and great.

When you hesitate to answer His invitation and feel God can’t use you, just remember…

» Abraham chosen to be the Father of the nations was too old
» Moses was a stutterer
» Jeremiah – too young to be a prophet
» Jonah – a coward fleeing from God
» Peter – a weak betrayer
» The Samaritan Woman- a loose woman
» Zacheus-of too short a stature
» Paul- a zealot
And you know how God dealt with each of them.

Now come to sense the movement of the Spirit, that stirring within you and name it… The Divine Call..Share your deepest desire to follow the footstep of the Master to a sister of the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame or a priest who is able to recognize your call and guide you. God wants your hands to embrace humanity selflessly.

Basic Requirements:

» Are You sixteen years or more?
» Have you completed at least class 10?
» Are you in good health of body and mind?
» Do you have a good catholic background?
Do you also have complementary interests like sewing , cooking, gardening, embroidery, knitting, drawing, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, dramatics?
You have a place in Sisters of Notre Dame!

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