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Insignia Unveiled: A Chronical of the Jubilee Logo Revelation

In every design there is a story waiting to be told. With the unveiling of Jubilee Logo, the narration of SND’s journey, the milestones and remarkable legacy began. It was on the feast of the ‘Mother of God’ and the morn of the New year that we tripled our joy by unveiling the logo of Platinum Jubilee of SND presence in India. After the Holy Mass we gathered in front of our community room under the Coesfeld Crucifix. There was a good representation of Sisters from both the provinces to mark this august occasion.

We sang psalm of St. Julie after which Sr. Mary Chetana unveiled the logo and gave a brief explanation about it. Sister appreciated the contribution of every community for designing and sending the logos, taking into consideration those designs the final design is formed.  

  1. The shape of 75 signifies the embracing of all the joys and challenges over the years as we move on in life with hope and gratitude.
  1. Circle is the symbol of dedicated and selfless service of the Assumption and Visitation Provinces signifying the missionary journey and the growth of the past 75 years.
  1. The map of the Tri-coloured India represents the vibrancy of the ever youthful yet ancient grace and wisdom of our Motherland that absorbs everything that is good and noble.
  1. The sky blue colour signifies peace, serenity and a spiritual infinity conveying the sense of loyalty, trust, understanding and calmness as found in the element of water.
  1. The flame in the heart of India fires us to move forward in our quest for the growth and development for the poor and the marginalized, moving on to newer areas in our missionary zeal and enthusiasm to embrace the signs of the times in imaginative hope.
  1. The sunflower seeks the rays of the sun in our onward journey as Mother Julie did in her times. The Daisies represent the humility, simplicity and charity of our Foundress Sister Maria Aloysia and our co-foundress Sister Maria Ignatia and it “moves us forward with the flame of imaginative hope.”
  2. The six green leaves represent our six pioneers who remain ever fresh and green in our collective consciousness.

We invite you all our dear Sisters for our year long celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of the presence and service of the Sisters of Notre Dame in India.