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Final Profession of Sr.Mary Roja 11th May 2024

Impelled by Christ’s Love to Set the World on Fire”

Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits.” – Psalm 103:2

I, Sr. Mary Roja, humbly and joyfully offer my heartfelt thanksgiving to the Lord for His unwavering love and providential care in my life. As I made my Final Religious Profession, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the Lord’s guidance, strength, and unending support that has brought me to this sacred moment.

  My life journey has always been an inward exploration outward, beginning not with external influences but from within—from my mother’s womb to the solid ground, from heaven to the Earth. Before I was formed in the womb, I was already a part of God’s master plan. Thus, my beginning was in God, and my roots are deeply entwined with the divine.

From the very core of my heart, my connection with God and His infinite love has always been intimate and unbreakable. This sacred bond strengthens my resolve and nourishes my soul, grounding me in faith and purpose. As I reflect on this journey, I am overwhelmed with a profound sense of joy, tranquility, and gratitude.

As I made my final religious commitment on May 11th2024 I was filled with a profound sense of purpose and mission. This day was not just a milestone; it is the culmination of years of discernment, sacrifices, and dedication. It is a sacred promise to the path I have chosen, a testament to my commitment and a celebration of the divine call that has guided me every step of religious life.

My journey has been shaped by countless moments of prayer, reflection, and the unwavering support of my Sisters in the province. Each step has brought me closer to God, allowing His plan for me to unfold. The path to becoming a Notre Dame  Sister has been one of deep spiritual growth and transformation.

In this moment of final commitment, I am impelled by Christ’s love to set the world on fire. This biblical theme resonates deeply within me, fueling my passion and dedication to live out my vocation with fervor. Christ’s love is a powerful force, compelling me to bring His light and love to the world, to ignite hearts with the fire of His truth and grace.

As I stand here today, I am thankful for the gift of life and the divine calling that has led me here. I am grateful for the prayerful atmosphere and the solemn Eucharist celebrations that have sustained me. The presence of beloved guests and the beautiful singing at Mass uplift my spirit and add to the joy of this sacred day.

I began in God, and I will continue to walk this path with my roots firmly connected to His divine love. With every step, I embrace the sacred promise of my vocation, ever grateful for the journey that has brought me here. Imbued with Christ’s love, I am committed to setting the world on fire with His truth, love, and light.

I firmly bethat my final religious commitment is not just an end but a new beginning. It is a powerful affirmation of my dedication to serve, to love, and to live out the Gospel in every aspect of my life. May Christ’s love continue to impel me, guiding and inspiring me to fulfill my divine mission. I am deeply indebted to my sisters for making the day of my final profession a memorable one with all your love prayers and blessings.

Thank you

Sr. Mary Roja SND