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Inauguration of the JOELLE DIFFERENTLY ABLED TRUST Vocational Training Programmme 11th June 2024

Inauguration of the JOELLE DIFFERENTLY ABLED TRUST Vocational Training Programme

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

On June 11, 2024, a significant milestone was achieved with the inauguration of the JOELLE DIFFERENTLY ABLED TRUST’s vocational training program for differently-abled or mentally challenged individuals. The ceremony commenced at 9 AM and was led by Sister Mary Chetana, the Provincial Superior of the Sisters of Notre Dame, Visitation Province.

The event was also attended by Sister Mary Priscilla, the Superiorof the Provincial House Community and Secretary of Sophia High School, Sister Mary Alpana, the Principal of Sophia High School, Sister Mary Vishala, the Principal of the Primary Section, and Sister Mary Pushpa, the Treasurer of Sophia High School. Additionally, the Sisters of Notre Dame were present, along with 12 trainees and their parents.

The inauguration began with a solemn prayer service, followed by an address from Principal Sister Mary Madhuja, In her speech, Sister Madhuja expressed deep love and gratitudetowards the Provincial Superior, acknowledging her instrumental role in initiating the vocational training program. A felicitation ceremony honored various Sisters, and the Chief Guest delivered an inspiring speech that motivated the Sisters, parents, and trainees.

The Chief Guest emphasized the importance of cooperation and parental support in motivating the trainees. The staff of Sophia High School added to the celebration by performing several melodious songs.

Following the felicitation, attendees proceeded to the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The group then toured the classrooms where the various skills included in the program are being taught. The training program offers instruction in several practical areas:






1.Baking: Trainees learn to bake a variety of goods, from bread to cakes, fostering creativity and precision in the kitchen.







2.Sewing: This skill involves teaching trainees to make clothing and other fabric items, helping them develop fine motor skills and attention to detail.














3.Data Entry: Trainees are taught to input data efficiently and accurately, a valuable skill for many office environments.






4.Housekeeping: Training includes cleaning, organizing, and maintaining living spaces, which is essential for both personal independence and employment in hospitality.











5.Paper Plate Making: Trainees learn to create paper plates, a skill that combines manual dexterity with an understanding of manufacturing processes.




6.Gardening: This involves cultivating plants and maintaining gardens, promoting patience, responsibility, and a connection to nature.





7.Retail: Trainees are educated in customer service, stocking, and sales, preparing them for roles in various retail environments.









After the ribbon-cutting ceremony and the tour of the training facilities, the attendees enjoyed refreshments. We hope that this vocational training program will bring immense joy and satisfaction to the trainees and their parents. It addresses a significant need in the community, offering valuable skills and opportunities to those who are differently abled.

We, the Sisters of Notre Dame, have embarked on this new apostolate with great dedication. Our mission to be the voice of the voiceless is strengthened by our commitment to caring for these vulnerable individuals who are abled in different ways. We pray that the good God continues to bless us in this noble endeavour.

“Ah, qu’ilest bon le bon Dieu!” (Ah, how good is the good God!) – Saint Julie Billiart