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Perpetual Profession 2020


 “I will praise you, o Lord, with all my heart and I will glorify your name for evermore.” I marvel at the mighty, awesome and provident God for the amazing deeds of His strength and support in the past years of my life; leading through the valleys and wilderness and reaching me to this Promised Land. I feel the presence of Jesus in my life ahead who continues to form me to be the loving witness of his unconditional love. It was a grace filled day for me when I made the final commitment to Jesus, my beloved. The remarkable day was filled with blessings and love which I experienced from my dear Sisters in the provincial house. We were privileged to have most Rev. Dr. Bernard Mores, Archbishop Emeritus of Bangalore as the main celebrant in spite of Covid 19. Though my family members were not able to be present for this solemn ceremony due to the pandemic, I felt their love and prayers through the encouraging presence of my Sisters here. It was a strengthening experience; a call to make sacrifice and to be strong in my convictions and faith. In a special way I thank dear Sister Mary Kristin and the team, Sister Mary Chetana and the council, Sister Mary Kripa and the community for your love, prayerful support and encouragement. Thanks a million for planning and arranging everything meticulously to make this day a memorable one for me. I thank all my Sisters in different communities and my family members for being part of this celebration through your valuable prayers. I seek the intercession of Mother Mary our patroness that I may become the bearer of Christ to the World. Let us pray that Mary our Mother may lead us forward in our mission of “doing all we can, to make the good God known and loved, by all who surround us ” (St. Julie Billiart). Dear sisters, please continue to bless and pray for me.


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