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Province Calendar 2017

Province CALENDAR  of ACTIVITIES  2017

10                            PUC Mysore, Ground breaking and Blessing
15                            G.C. Sharing/ Warangal, Theerajupally
19-22                       CRWI Conference Goa
23                            G.C. Sharing Vasai
28-Feb 6                  Retreat for Postulants (Potta)
6                              G. C.  Sharing Deogarh
8-18                         English Crash course for Postulants (Bangalore)
11                            G.C.  Sharing Vettikuzhy, Idichakka, Mukka at Vettikuzhy
14                            Renewal Program for ND Associates (Bangalore)
25                            Council Meeting
4-13                         Combined Council In-service Patna (Sr. Kristin, Sr. Sreeja)
27                            Council Meeting
29                            Santwana Trust AGM
24-May 9 RetreatTertians(V.P.)
1                              Council Meeting
3                             Novitiate Entrance
13                            Final Vows
14-June 14              Junior Get-together Patna
17                            Renewal of Vows
24                            II yrPostulants Entrance (Gumla)
 5                             Beginning of Evening College Bangalore
12                            Beginning of PUC Mysore
15                            Arrival of Pre-Postulants (Mysore)
16                            Council Meeting  with General Government
July-Dec.                 T.T.C Patna
1                              Pre-Postulants Entrance (Mysore)
8                              Council Meeting
12                            Associates’ Covenant Ceremony (2nd Group) Bangalore
12                            Council Meeting
13-14                       Principals’ Meeting (POCSO ACT)
7- Oct. 5                  Congregational Pilgrimage (Sr. Navya, Sr. Pushpa)
29-4 Oct                  Common Retreat
25-30                       Group Renewal (2012-2014)  Srs. Fatima, Sangeeta   Patna
8                              Candidates Medal Ceremony
27 p.m-29p.m         Province Assembly
30                            Local Superiors’ Meeting
31                            Golden Jubilee Celebration of Sr. Sarika
2nda.m-6thp.m         Psycho-sexual-spiritual Integration Seminar (30-50 age group)
9tha.m-13thp.m       Psycho-sexual-spiritual Integration Seminar (51-70 age group)
(Fr. Jose Parappully SDB)


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