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” Praise the Lord o my soul,praise His Holy name and never forget all His blessings”,is the song that wells up in our hearts as we committed ourselves to the Lord forever. Our whole being dance with joy to recall God’s marvelous works in our life. From the womb he shaped and fashioned us .In all our joys and sorrows He has been with us,walking with us side by side ,as gentle mother holding our hands and reaching us to this day.We feel so grateful to Him for calling us to be His own.As St.Augustine says ,our life is a gift from the Lord and what we become is our gift to God, it is true in our lives too,as we thank God for the gift of our vocation and feel great joy in living and giving ourselves to God through the gift of our vocation.We had been eagerly waiting for this day to say “yes” to the Lord forever like Mother Mary and be faithful to it till the end.

We owe our special gratitude to Sr. Kristin and her council for your constant prayers and blessings which have been a source of strength and support for us always.
With deep sense of love we express our thanks to Sr.Sandhya and all our loving Sisters in visitation Province for you have shared with us your love ,care,encouragement ,sisterly concern above all prayers and blessings generously and have helped us to reach this day.Thank you dear sisters from the bottom of our hearts for making this day a memorable one for us.
We too express our gratitude to all our sisters in our congregation for your prayers and blessings.
As we have began a new journey in our religious life we ask your continuous valuable prayers.
Srs.Shyni, Rashmita and Vanitha



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