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World Environment Day

World Environment Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the students of Sophia High School on 5th June, 2017. “Connecting People to Nature” was the theme for World Environment Day this year. The students of Standard 12 conducted a meaningful assembly that focused on bringing to light the irretrievable damage done to the environment by the human race over the past few centuries. With global temperatures increasing rapidly, the students spoke about the utmost importance of minimising carbon footprint by shifting to clean sources of energy such as solar, wind and water.

Climate change is a threat that faces us all irrespective of who we are or where we come from. The change in the global and regional patterns, largely caused by human actions, has affected the lives of millions especially those living in areas where extreme weather conditions prevail. While it may seem impossible to tackle such a massive problem at once, the students of Sophia discussed ways to protect the environment from further damage.

The school organized a Walkathon, with the aim of promoting the youth to become active agents of sustainable and co-friendly development. The students of 12th grade lead the walkathon around Basava Bhavan, carrying banners and urging people to be more involved in combating climate change. The student council and PTA members also distributed saplings to the students.

The potential of bringing about change always lies in the hands of the youth. By seizing the opportunity to discuss environmental challenges and devise solutions to curb the same, the students of Sophia High School took charge to spread awareness and advocate strongly for the preservation of nature on this momentous day.




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