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Silver, Golden and Diamond Jubilee of Religious Profession

Silver, Golden and Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Our God experience of25,50 & 60 years of Religious life. Silver Jubilarians: Sr. M.Sushmita and Sr. M.Kiran Golden Jubilarians: Sr. M.Abha, Sr. M.Shobha and Sr. M.Aneeta, Diamond Jubilarians: Sr. M. Pratima, Sr. M.Usha and Sr. M.Kripa “Whom shall I send? Here I am Lord send me”. These words of Jesus and Prophet Isaiah spring forth from our hearts today as we look back on our call to religious life. God calls and chooses in His mysterious ways persons whom He uses for His purpose. Like God called Abraham to leave His country and people and go to a land God had in plan for Him. 25, 50 and 60 years ago we too heard that call, that invitation and left our homes and dear ones to the unknown land of Patna, Bihar to serve the poor and the needy. It was a moment of decision of joyful enthusiasm, of willingness to go to any part of the world for the sake of Jesus. The path was not all a bed of roses, but the hand of God, with His blessings always protected us, guided us, encouraged us and strengthened our faith through various challenges and struggles. Pope Francis repeatedly reminded us religious to, “wake-up to the world” by placing Christ as the center of our life. The presence of Jesus in our daily living was the source of our mission whenever we were privileged to work. Jesus has proven His unconditional love for us by letting us experience that hundredfold in our very own mission work of evangelization. We are filled with gratitude to the good God for His faithfulness and love in leading us to 25,50 and 60 years of discipleship and fidelity, Our bounden duty is to express our gratitude to our good parents, dear and near ones, our superiors, formators and companions for being part of our life through their prayers, encouragement and guidance. Notre Dame has molded us, helped us and made us fitting instruments in the hands of God. Give what you can, when you can, where you can, how you can, as long as you can make yourself useful and happy. “Let us keep loving and let us keep living”



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