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Temporary Profession 2020

We the newly professed Srs. Mary Asunta, Sabeena, Shanta, Naina, Teresa, Anjana, SaritaXaxa, Sanu, Madhuri and SaritaNayak raise our minds and hearts to God our Savior and Master to thank, praise and sing melodious songs to Him in gratitude. God’s guiding hand was very evident in our lives during the worldwide pandemic covid-19. We express our heartfelt gratitude to Jesus who has set us apart from this world and has called to follow Him as the “MESSENGERS OF CHRIST”. On 23rd, May 2020 was our First Profession and our First Commitment to Jesus our spouse. The theme of our profession was “THE MESSENGERS OF CHRIST.” The beautiful, fresh and lovely day of our profession began with the Holy Eucharistic Celebration at 6: 00 a. m. The main celebrant was Rev. Fr. Mahipal and the co-celebrant Rev. Fr. Kuldeep. We were led to the altar of the Lord with an entrance dance by the second year novices and the harmonious songs for the Mass were sung in different languages by the main singer Sr. Leena Mary and the novices. Sr. M. Vijita, the directress of the novices welcomed each of us to the Holy Eucharistic banquet and delivered a meaningful introduction based on the theme the Messengers of Christ. The Newly Professed with Sr. M. Tessy and Sr. M. Prasanna Sr. M. Saritha N We had a t h o u g h t-p r o v o k i n g h o m i l y b y Rev. Fr. Mahipal. He challenged us by saying “Now there is no Moses with you to guide and direct you but you will have Joshua in each community to lead you to the Promised Land which is your destiny”. It is very true that we have to be very open to our superiors who can help us in every way to be strong in our vocation and be faithful to our vows through which we have bound ourselves to Jesus Christ. Indeed we are very privileged to have Sr.M.Tessy, the Provincial Superior of the Assumption Province, Sr.M. Prasanna, the Junior Directress and few of our sisters from Munger, J a m a lp u r a n d M a r i a B h a w a n communities to witness our First Profession. Right after the Holy Mass the ten vibrant newly professed juniors were led to the school auditorium where we had cake cutting ceremony along with the delicious breakfast. We are indebted to our dear Sr. M.Tessy who had made many sacrifices in order to be present on our profession day. It was indeed a memorable day for all of us.

We extend our big thanks to our dear Sr. M. Chetana, the Provincial Superior and all the sisters in the Visitation Province for your fervent prayers and best wishes. We remain grateful to all of you.


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