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Milestone Moments: A Jubilant Journey

Life is dear, and dearer still after one step from one milestone to the next. The Sapphire, the Golden and the Silver Jubilarians namely, Sisters Mary Amala, Nirmala and Vijaya; Jayanti, Subala,Sumita and Hima; Julie and Alpana and Abhilasha by their very presence at the Province Celebration held on December 16th 2022, added, and,spread zest, joy and love all around. “Rejoice in the Lord always, and I shall say it again: rejoice!” your kindness should be made known to all for The Lord has done great things for us indeed!”.Jubilee is a time to bring to mind what is in the heart. The primary emotion in one’s heart at this time is GRATITUDE. We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to our dear good God; to Sr. Mary Chetana and her council members; Sr. Mary Kripa and the community, for organizing the day most meticulously for us. The inspirational and life-giving Eucharistic celebration; the sumptuous meals and cake cutting ceremony; the delightful entertainment planned and executed most gracefully and creatively by the oldest to the youngest sister dancer and actor decked in colorful costumes, from each of our communities, has not just touched our hearts, but has imprinted sapphire, golden and silver memories to be treasured a lifetime. Fr. Joe Mathias, an eminent Jesuit prepared us mentally, spiritually and emotionally empower us to continue to live life intensely, gratefully and happily for the Lord. “From Love we have come; in Love we live; to Love we return! Thank you for journeying with us dear Sisters for 25, 50 and 65 years.