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We Sisters Mary Shruti, Christina Kiran , Athira, Josephine Murmu, Sushma kerketta, Ansi kandoolna, and Anima Minj had been looking forward with much thrust and longing for the day of our entrance into tertianship. A long-awaited day was dawned on 27th November, 2022 with holy silence and the prayers of the first Advent Sunday. Sister Mary Sujita, our Tertian mistress, has been preparing us for this great day by conducting recollection on the previous day. Place was wonderfully set up by all seven of us for the prayer service on the day of entrance into tertianship. Sister Mary Sujita led a meaningful and very inspiring prayer service during which we were presented the permission letter of Sr. Mary Ann, and we were given wisdom figures (our elderly sisters) to accompany us. The whole Bangalore Provincial house community was present for this occasion. We were graced with many prayers and wishes of all our sisters across the provinces. We were overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for all the blessings we have received all throughout our life. We continue to prepare ourselves intensely through classes and much time spend in prayers daily. We awe our deep gratitude to God, for being with us on our journey. A big thanks to our dear Sister Mary Ann, the superior general and the mother house community, Patna and Bangalore Provinces and all the sisters for keeping us very specially in your prayers.