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Notre Dame Maharashtra


Father Abraham the Parish priest of St. Thomas Church, Sandor wrote to Sr.Anima, the provincial superior, in 2002 requesting to begin an English medium school and a foundation at Vasai. Sr. Animas’ reply came fast expressing our interest in having a mission in Mumbai region. On the evening of 4 Oct. 2003 Sr. Anima was in Vasai. Soon Sister got busy signing contracts for the school rooms and Sisters’ residence. Fr. Cajetan, Fr. Joe Almeida, and Mr. Richard Vaz and others were of extreme assistance to the sisters. Sisters Sneha and Anisha were officially welcomed to the parish on sunday 12 Oct. 2003 at all the five Holy Masses. All the Sisters were involed in the school. Later Mr. Lesley and Mrs. Carol offered their two-storey house to the sisters free of rent. With immense gratitude they moved into the house on June 6, 2005 and are still there, still rent free!