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Notre Dame Tamil Nadu

Vaniakudy Kanyakumari

The opening of the house at Kadervilakam was on Oct.24th 1988.The pioneers were Srs . Reeta and Jyotika. These sisters were missioned by the province to work with Basic Christian Community team in Kottar Diocese, in the State of Tamil Nadu. Sisters served mainly in Vaniyakudy and Kandervilagam parish. The community of People served were Fisher folks in the coastal villages. Besides the BCC work the sisters were involved in conducting Health Camps, giving Leadership training, taking care of Parish activities and preparing the faithful for spiritual renewal.

In 1992 the construction of the Notre Dame School building started. Once the construction was completed the sisters moved in to the school building and are living there since then. After trying various apostolic activities, like working in the Parish school, starting an English Medium Nursery School etc. the most relevant ministry was found to be a community college with Diploma courses for girls. In 2003 the college started functioning with 70 young women. Sr. Priscilla was the First Director of the college. At present Sr. Abhilasha is continuing the work with the assistance of other sisters and teachers. Many batches of students have completed the courses and have got job in different fields. As we look back we find that all the experiences were stepping stones to greater growth of the Mission. We are grateful to God for His protection over the years.