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socio-pastoral ministry

Socio- Pastoral and Catechetical Ministry

We have women Empowerment programs in Somanahalli and in neighbouring villages to help the rural women to be self- reliant. We teach them tailoring, embroidery, basic computer programs like data entry, M.S. Word, Tally, beautician’s course etc.

Most of our affiliations are attached to a parish. Sisters are engaged in Sunday catechism classes, distribution of communion and taking communion to the sick and the infirm.  Sisters also prepare children for sacraments of Communion and Confirmation and are active members of other parish activities related to youth and women. They also go on pastoral visits to families of students, staff, the sick and elderly neighbours.

Social Action 

Over  the past 40 years  Somanahalli has been the center for Social Action in the South. We have women Empowerment programs in  Somanahalli and in neighboring villages to help the rural women to be  self- reliant. We teach them  tailoring, embroidery, basic computer programs  like  data entry,  M.S. Word, Talley,  beautician’s course etc. We also teach them spoken English. We empower them to be economically independent through Self Help Groups which are akin to  small village banks. They also undertake projects like supplying cotton cloth bags to malls and shopping centers which fetch them additional income.