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Caring for Creation

Save a House sparrow

“Conservation Must Come Before Recreation”

Jesus has said, “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of Man has no place to lay His head.” What a paradoxical turn of events in this ultra-modern world that some kind humans have to make nests for the poor birds to live in this concrete jungle created by the human beings!!!

Sophia School Interact club, Bangalore, Notre Dame Academy Interact Club, Choodasandra and Rotary Spandana (Heartbeat/pulsation) Club, Bangalore organized a workshop with the Nest Man of India, Mr. Rakesh Khatri, which culminated in making NESTS for house sparrows. Sister Mary Swarnalata, Sister Mary Shruti, Sister Mary Christina Kiran, Sister Mary Athira and Sister Mary Ruth were the privileged ones among the Sisters to take part in this workshop. The workshop was to create awareness about the disappearance of the House Sparrows and other small bird species and how we can become agents in sheltering them.The reasons for the decline of the house sparrow population are loss of habitat due to rapid urbanisation, diminishing ecological resources for sustenance, and emissions from microwave towers.

Mrs Khatri trained us to make a nest for the sparrow using coir, soft cotton cloth, 5 rings, 1 bangle, thread, and a thin rope which were provided to us. We were happy to make two nests which we have hung on the bushes in our campus. We wait eagerly for the arrival of the house sparrows in the two nests we have placed in the campus. We consider this project as a small step towards the Ecological Conversion that Pope Francis speaks of in Laudato Si.

Sister Mary Shruti & Sister Mary Athira