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Our hearts are filled with gratitude towards God who called us to be witnesses of His love. The long-awaited day was dawned when we pronounced our first vows in the Assumption Province, Patna. Since then we could hardly wait to return to our home Province, Bangalore. It was indeed a time of reunion as we got back to our Province after our formation and First Profession. It was a joy-filled moment as we were rendered a warm welcome.

To our surprise, our Province had planned for a thanksgiving Mass on June 21st. The celebration was almost similar to that of the First Profession. The day was filled with God’s graces and blessings as we started the day with meaningful Eucharistic celebration with melodious choir singing the praise of God with evocative songs. The Holy Hour was a divine experience of God’s love and assurance of His constant love and faithfulness. The homily of the celebrant, Fr. Selvin, was very inspiring and thought-provoking. As we reviewed the day, we thanked God for the many blessings we received throughout the day and the love, affection and many gifts received from our loving Sisters in the Provincial House. It was an unforgettable experience. We praise God in the words of our Spiritual Mother Saint Julie “How good is the dear good God!”

Sisters Mary Banita, Vimala and Lavanya

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