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SND Sprituatuality Workshop

“God is good and in whatever way He comes to us, He is always welcome.” St. Julie

We, the 26 SNDs were able to welcome the good God into our lives through this workshop conducted by Srs. Sujita, Sneha and Madhuja. It was a nine-day programme where we came to a deeper understanding of the various aspects of the Notre Dame Heritage and Spirituality. This workshop has strengthened us in our love for our Congregation. It gave more meaning and depth to our understanding of the beautiful phrase of Sr. Aloysia, “As God Wills”. Reflecting on the Eucharist was so enriching that we were strengthened in our realization to break out of our self-centered dreams, and to open our hands and let go of some of the things we are clinging too tightly. We also spent time reflecting on our vowed life, community life and mission which gave us sufficient space to share our own experiences and insights with one another. This workshop also provided us with opportunity to relate to one another freely through group discussions, thus deepening our membership and belongingness to our Province. These well-packed days were followed by 7 days of retreat with sufficient time to be in the presence of the Lord to deepen our personal relationship with Jesus.

We are deeply grateful to Srs. Sujita, Sneha and Madhuja for providing us with this wonderful experience of deepening our SND Spirituality, our relationship and closeness to the person of Jesus, and owning Srs. Aloysia and Ignatia as our foundress and co-foundress with better understanding and love

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