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The year 2021-2022, marks 50 years since Sophia Opportunity School first began, an important milestone in Her History. The candle lit by the Sisters of Notre Dame 50 years ago, burn bright even today, paving the way to a brilliant future for all our dear Special Students. Sophia Opportunity School let the golden hours slip by and they are golden only because she let them slip by. The Special School began with just Four Students, now caters to 200+ Special Students, ranging from 5 to 20 years of age. Today, almost 3000 Special Students have walked through her portals.

Eucharistic Celebration

Appreciating the past, celebrating the present and inspiring the future the Golden Jubilee Closing Ceremony was meticulously organized by the Principal, Staff and Students of Sophia Opportunity School on February 2nd, 2022 with the Eucharistic Celebration, the Chief Celebrant being His Excellency Most Reverend Archbishop Dr. Peter Machado and Concelebrated by 12 other Priests. Keeping in mind the COVID Protocol, the crowd was restricted. The past Principals, Former Sisters Staff, Benefactors, and a few staff representatives from Sophia High School and a few parents from the Special School were present along with their children.

Release of the Souvenir

The release of the Souvenir, “THE FOOTPRINTS LEFT BEHIND” was a very fact that the Special School has come to its 50 years of existence has had many milestones, many anecdotes and many generous Souls who have made it what it is today, All of this went into the making of a Souvenir. Amidst the august gathering, His Excellency Most Reverend Archbishop Dr. Peter Machado, Sr. Chetana, the Provincial Superior of the Visitation Province, Sr. Kripa, the Superior and Secretary of our School, Sr. Madhuja, the Principal of Sophia Opportunity School, Sr. Alpana, the Principal of Sophia High School, Sr. Vishala, the Principal of Sophia Primary Section and Sr. Divya, the Treasurer did the honour of releasing the Souvenir and thus unfoldedajourney of 50 years.

Felicitation Ceremony

The Sisters of Notre Dame planted, others watered and God gave the growth by His power at work within. Now, as the Special School reaps the bountiful harvest of a 50 Golden Years of Gratitude, the Management had many to thank and appreciate for their generous service and contribution towards the growth and development of the school over the years. The Archbishop, the Provincial Superior, the Past and Present Dynamic Principals, the Former Sisters Staff and Benefactors were felicitated.It was a moment for Sophia Opportunity School to express Her gratefulness to all, thus helping Her acknowledge Her achievements and blessings.