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Together, we can learn from, empathise with, support and acknowledge each other in our work as education leaders. Our collective efforts can contribute positively to the learning and well-being of every student in every school. Together, we are stronger.

With this concept in mind, the Principals from various affiliations under the Visitation Province gathered together physically after a gap of three years to enrich ourselves and to be inspired to think about what we do as an educator to insure high-quality teaching and learning in our schools. At the outset, in her address, Sr. Mary Chetana cordially invited all of us to have a fruitful and enriching time together. The three-day conference scheduled from August 19thto 21st, 2022 focused mainly on the following five important topics.

The first session on the Implementation of NEP was led by Dr Gururaj Karajgi. The resource person threw light on the existing challenges in the education system and how we need to think out of the box to solve problems. Sr. Manisha led the second session on Global Compact on Education. Sister in her address brought to our attention the three important dimensions of education in the field of the Global Compact on Education:

  1. Putting the person at the centre of every educational process.
  2. Investing the best energy for an education of quality for all.
  3. Training people willing to put themselves at the service of the community.

The third session on Effective Leadership in Education for Mission was led by Dr Fr Kurian Kachappilly, CMI. The resource person guided us to think together with many practical examples, highlighting the national, global and educational challenges of today. Mrs Sujata Narasimha Rao led the session on POCSO and Child Abuse. The resource person guided us on the importance of safeguarding the rights of children under our care.

Mr Ram in his session covered relevant topics on finances about instructions.

We had the culmination of two days’ sessions with a surprise visit and lunch at Taj West end.

We, the principals of Notre Dame Institutions are immensely grateful to Sr Mary Chetana, our Provincial Superior and all the councillors for organizing such an enriching gathering for us. We have gained much from three days of sessions which focused on the relevant topics and feel confident to face the challenges of every day in our institutions.